Historical accounts


In 1963 Ferruccio Spada put the first bricks for the foundation of "Gruppo Edilsider" and chose as a strategic place Calolziocorte, in the territory of Lecco, not far from Milano, Bergamo, Como and from the border with Switzerland. The great trading ports in the north of Italy can be easily reached.
The "Gruppo Edilsider" boasts  of an experience of about fifty years as to the pre-fabricated, metal, modular buildings and today Edilsider holds a prominent position in international field, for these buildings with temporary and permanent applications.
Edilsider can realize complete projects including production of pre-fabricated buildings, planning, intsallation, logistic maintenance and comprehensive services. In the course of the years Edilsider has realized a lot of products to face customers' several demands and those of the market in a continuous development. So several systems of pre-fabrication have been realized and they include modular buildings, boxes and monoblock buildings, sheds and residential buildings.
The last product of Edilsider is a steel pre-fabricated parking.
Infact in 2016, Carlo Spada, the president of Edilsider SpA, buys the industrial patent of the product Ames Park a modular pre-fabricated system which can be disassembled and reassembled and can double the parking capacity of an existing area. It consists of a structure made of pre-fabricated elements, which can be assembled in different numbers and arrangements, depending on the type of the surface, without the need of definitive and/or fixed foundations.


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