Electrical and lighting system

The electrical system starts from the “shell-type” switchboard (complete with circuit breakers, contactors, release coil, digital time switch, twilight switch, etc.), RK piping with 20mm diameter for main distribution as well as rigid protective pipes and self-extinguishing PVC sheaths for secondary distribution, inside of which are flame-retardant FG7 power cables. The system is completed by junction boxes and terminal blocks, according to the plans to draw up in accordance with local regulations. The lower floor is adequately lit (30 lux, 1 metre from the ground and 50 lux for manoeuvring lanes) with watertight ceiling lamps, with unbreakable, flame-retardant polycarbonate body and diffuser, with IP65 fire protection rating and 1x36W fluorescent or LED lamp. Some ceiling lights, placed above driving and manoeuvring lanes, include an inverter for emergency lighting. The latter is completed with “always-on” self-powered and self-illuminating exit signs, featuring an appropriate icon to indicate escape routes. At the customer's request, single or double arm street light poles can be installed on the upper floor, arranged in such a way as to ensure the minimum illumination required according to roadworthiness standards on the upper floor (at least 20 lux, 1 metre from the ground); the lighting fixtures used are generally of the indirect light type (anti-glare).


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