Fire protection system

Our commercial offer includes the design and construction of a fire system in accordance with the provisions of the competent local Fire Department. This fire protection system will have at least one UNI 70 connection for the firefighters’ fire pump and UNI 45 standard boxes with hose and playpipe nozzle (one every 50 cars on the lower floor and one every 100 cars on the upper floor) as well as an adequate number of portable extinguishers. The system is completed with a water ring, made of galvanised steel pipes in compliance with current regulations, equipped with meter, full-flow ball valve and check valves. In the event that the local water supply operator cannot provide the water pressure and flow required for the firefighting system to operate smoothly, the Customer will have to add a water collection system (water tank) with the related pressure unit (these are usually not supplied by us). To prevent fires, there is also a manual fire detection system equipped with a control unit, powered by buffer battery, connected to break glass buttons and visible and audible alarm devices, as well as an external siren (also visible and audible). The commercial offer includes an economic assessment of the structure’s fire protection system according to the applicable regulations and according to the requirements of the competent local Fire Department.


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