Parking surface

Type A - It consists of prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs (predalles), measuring approx. 4.85x 2.5 and approx. 15 cm thick, featuring an industrial floor having a non-slip treatment. These predalles are lifted from the storage site by eyebolts and laid over the deck’s metal frame. On the long side, they feature a “saddle” profile which provides suitable coupling and, at the same time, creates an expansion joint absorbing temperature changes. This joint is completed, during the assembly, with an ethafoam (polyethylene foam) cord and waterproofing bituminous sealant. On the other sides (short sides), predalles are designed to include a rainwater runoff drain (storm drains) with steel grill. Brackets are used to complete the installation of predalles, they are placed on the reveal, and provide a suitable connection to the deck’s metal frame.

Type B - It is made on site with cast concrete, reinforced with Ø12 bars and 8mm welded mesh (20x20 mesh), on 55/600 or 75/760 hi-bond sheet metal, with 2 cm extruded polystyrene joints to form 10.00x2.50m slabs. The parking surface is finished with bituminous conglomerate flooring, after a coat of anchor primer and bituminous sheathing with -20°C cold flexibility. Adjusting the height of the base/pillar assembly, it gives the parking surface a slight slope, to facilitate the disposal of stormwater through storm drains, rain gutters, road grids and downspouts.


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