We install vertical and horizontal signs. Vertical signs consist of standard aluminium or pre-painted metal sheet road signs on a tubular support or fixed to structural elements with metal ties. Horizontal signs, on the other hand, are made of reflective traffic paint based on pure acrylic resins, titanium dioxide, selected charges, highly reflective glass beads. As regards traditional paint, acrylic traffic paint is characterized by higher abrasion resistance, increased adhesion, and higher resistance to degradation caused by traffic and changing pollution levels; whiteness and yellowing resistance are markedly greater. Refractive paint must comply with the directives of the Ministry of Public Works of 24th October 2000 published on the Official Journal No. 301 of 28th December 2000, transposing European legislation UNI EN 1436:1998.


General management and factory
Via Lago Vecchio, 3/7 23801 Calolziocorte (LECCO)
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Ref.: Mr. Augusto Strianese
Mob.: +39 337 493940

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