It consists of composite modules, made up of a parking surface, placed at approximately 2.85 m from the ground, and its vertical support elements and bracings. The area below the structure remains fully viable; indeed, it is even well protected from the elements. It is sized so that it can withstand any distributed or concentrated accidental loads, in addition to its own weight, as well as provided for parking lots of them (cars with a weight of up to 3 kN), Italian Min. Decree of 14th January 2008 (“Technical Standards for Buildings” - published in the Official Journal of 4th February 2008). Thanks to the possible vertical and horizontal adjustments, the structure’s vertical supporting elements - that is, the base/pillar/ joint complex - offset any level differences and slopes of the ground on which they stand, anyway ensuring that the parking surface, above, remains perfectly flat. The connection between vertical and horizontal elements, as well as with beams and between the latter and secondary beams, is achieved via bolted joints, to avoid any undesired stress. With this fixing system, the whole structure can be divided into smaller, lightweight elements, making it less expensive as to transport and easier and safer as to assembling. The structure is completed by vehicle ramps for the passage of cars, and stairs for the users of the parking areas.
The structural elements consist of tubular and non-tubular profiles in S275JR steel, welded in the workshop and then hot-dip galvanised in a molten zinc bath. These elements are assembled on site using high strength bolts (8.8), which are also hot-dip galvanised. Clearly, because there are no foundations, it is required to use a specific structural support system able to expect and support the necessary tolerances - including any structural failures of the bearing surface, which may happen in a long time. This patented support system essentially consists of a base joint and a support plate, a height adjustment element and bracings.


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