Technical support

Edilsider avails itself of the technical cooperation of professional men having an evident experience in projecting and in managing the yard of the modular structures Ames Park.

It offers to the customers a substantial and continuous support from the development of the idea to the complete realization of the work. Synthesizing, the activity of the support develops in this way:

1. The sales office, with the support of the technical office, after a sight of the place, gives customers an economic offer, describing the specific technics of the construction, the economic valuation and the time to realize it, with a graphic design of the project which is proposed. The customer, in order to facilitate this first stage oh the activity, is invited to supply a planimetry in DWG of the surface, having an interest in the new construction, with an exact indication of the surface to occupy together with, if it is possible, the technical data of the ground, on which the car-parking will rest.
2. The economic offer is given the customer upon appointment by the sales responsible man (Geom. Augusto Strianese) who, on that occasion, supplies him with possible explanations about the project and the optional works. At the same time he gathers the possible remarks and/or considerations from the customer.
3. The Customer, after estimating the offer positively (with possible, integrative changes if required) and after engaging to obtain the pertinent building document, for the construction fo the work, can request a greater technical deepening, together with the development of the definitive project and, then of the executory one, including technical sections, prospects and building details. The technical office of the Edilsider supports the Customer also for the possible deposit of the project to the provincial Fire Department and to the civil engineers.
4. Of course the development of the executory project, with the building details of the new parking, presupposes that the Customer underwrites the order.        


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